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Ioana PUICESCU et Octavian ISAC
Hygiéniste dentaire - Dentiste
4.8 (584 ratings)

4.8 (584 ratings)
08 January 2016
Claudia (6646) R.
Very well and pleased with my check up.
07 January 2016
Jason (6520) T.
Whilst I cannot say I really liked it! Alex was professional and friendly as always and kept me at ease (very important for me with a dentist phobia). Keep up the good work and thank you!
30 December 2015
Jean-Pierre (1798) G.
Relatif au rdv ci-dessus, je n'ai aucune remarque.
Par contre lorsque ma fille Marilène me fait savoir que l'on va lui demander un acompte pour une intervention, cette attitude me hérisse. J'ai eu moi-même de nombreuses interventions tant en chirurgie dentaire que dans d'autres cas, jamais l'on ma demandé des acomptes.
Merci de votre réponse et de votre position sur ce sujet.

JP Gaudet
22 December 2015
Arnulf R.
no further comments... everything perfect
17 December 2015
Rémy (4490) P.
16 December 2015
Nicole (7555) F.
Really gentle. Thank you!
iDental Studio,  16 December 2015
Thank you for your kind comments. Glad that Austin enjoyed it - its important he sees coming to the dentist as fun. A nervous child becomes a nervous adult!
16 December 2015
Nicole (7555) F.
Thank you so much for making Austin's first visit to a dentist a pleasure. He wants to go back which says it all!!!
16 December 2015
Marilène (2891) G.
divers 45
16 December 2015
Sanja H.
Cleaning - scaling - polishing
Bloody thorough :)
iDental Studio,  16 December 2015
Bloody good though
10 December 2015
Jane (5399) D.
The check-up was fine. My only comment is in regard to the on-line booking - it would be nice to have an extra field giving the patient's name. In this case I was booking the appointment for my younger daughter but the dentist was expecting me.
iDental Studio,  11 December 2015
Thank you for your feedback. You are right - I didn't realise that you couldn't put a different name on the appointment. I will contact the agenda people and get that rectified. Sorry.
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